Machine Learning Engineer


We are looking for a Machine Learning engineer who would help our client on the project.

  • Day-to-day activites:

    • coding, testing and debugging
    • designing and writing of algorithms for various complex problems while using the available resources in the most efficient way
    • modification of algorithms
    • optimization
    • visualization
    • scraping

  • We need you to have:

    • Proficient Python skills
      • Additional knowledge of Scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, etc.
      • Experience with concurrency, multithreading, non-blocking calls, iterators, generators and streams
    • Machine Learning
      • Proficient knowledge of Scikit-learn
      • Good knowledge of basic ML algorithms (SVM, RF, NN, etc.)
      • Experience with bias-variance trade-off, dealing with unbalanced datasets
      • Knowledge of a computational framework such as TensorFLow, Pytorch
      • Experience with Keras or similar high level APIs, numpy and Pandas
    • Optimization
      • Knowledge of basic optimization techniques and gradient descent and back-propagation, second order methods and their use
      • Basic knowledge of evolutionary algorithms, multi-objective optimization and linear programming
      • Knowledge of commonly used loss functions/metrics and their properties (RMSE, MAE, MAPE, crossentropy, etc.)
    • Visualization skills
    • Experience with data structures
    • Intermediate knowledge of graph theory
    • Proficient with both SQL and NoSQL databases
    • Experience with docker


Co ti můžeme nabídnout?

    • Great environment. Meal vouchers, sickdays, flexible working hours, delicious coffee and mobile phone contribution are matter-of-course. Our specialty is a full fridge, contributions for culture, sport, courses - even out of your professional focus. And have you heard about our unlimited vacation?

    • Development and growth. We provide language courses and technical and soft-skills training. From our management we have full support in any education. People here are willing to share their experience and thanks to new projects you will be learning new things a lot.  

    • Friendly people and fair bosses, who really care about their people. We like to spend time together not only at work. We play table football, organize barbecues, go to the cinema or go skiing. 

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