Quality Assurance

The focus of our Quality Assurance activities is ensuring the quality of the software product specified at the level of individual processes of software development and operation, from the collection of the specific requirements through to testing, passing into traffic or the creation and maintenance of documentation.

The processes always thoroughly describe the situation experienced by the customer and in addition to the written description of the process we take into account the actual process that is used in practice.

Our testing service is the implementation of the various types of tests, regardless of the development team. Among the many forms of tests are system integration tests, functional tests and load tests. The choice of the form of test depends on the information needed to discover the determinates on the basis of a risk analysis.

Our work covers all operations from defining the testing strategy, planning the tests, the preparation of the tests and the test data to the implementation and evaluation of the test results, including the testing administration for regression testing. We design and implement automated tests and also help to determine in what areas it will pay off.