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  • Tomáš Ondráček / Chief Financial Officer
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TIMEMISSION is a web-based application for registration of employee’s work time and actual projects for which the work has been completed. This data is not used only as time attendance information but it is an excellent source for valuable up-to-date reports and analysis. Keeping track of current costs of a project and how profitable the project is has never been easier. The data needed for invoicing your services is available at all times. The same data can be used as input for your payroll system.

TIMEMISSION’s features:

  • Easy to use work time registration for your employees
  • Up-to-date reports of project’s costs
  • Reports allow monitoring of profit for each project and take all necessary steps to keep your profit high
  • All data is current so you no longer have to wait for month-end data
  • Employees enter time as easy and as fast as possible on one optimised web page
  • The data is available wherever it is required

How does it work?

  • A web based application is available on your intranet or can be published on the Internet (HTTPS is supported).
  • All employees enter time by one user-friendly page optimised for speed. Data entered for each record: the time for the work, appropriate project and type of the work and comments.
  • Managers run reports and analysis of the saved data – these reports can be executed anytime.
  • Valuable information is secured by system of access rights controlling access to each part of the system. Rules also control access to particular projects, work types and employee’s records

Technical information:

  • Web based server-side application
  • Leading edge technology – Java, Java Server Pages, AngularJS.
  • SQL database – Interbase, other databases supported on demand.

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