Together with HP we have supplied Telefónika O2 Slovakia with our own platform handling complete MNP process (MNPS). Subsequently we cover further development and support of this system.

MNPS (Mobile Number Portability Server) is a complex solution handling phone number portability among fix and mobile telecommunications operators. It’s connected with other providers and with thevarious internal IT systems of the mobile operator, where it’s situated. These internal systems might trigger particular operations; MNPS verifies and handles all the data needed for the migration process.

MNPS is a application written in Java (J2EE), using several leading Java technologies and frameworks like JBoss jBPM, Hibernate or Wicket. The application is running in JBoss j2ee application server, persistent objects and key data are stored in Oracle 10g database. MNPS consists of two main parts – MNPS Communicator and MNPS Engine.

MNP Communicator

MNPS Communicator is a component, which connects MNPS Engine with another mobile operators using SOAP protocol. It serves as an interface handling the communication with the rest of the world. It ensures the safety of the whole system, because it is completely independent from the MNP Engine. MNP Communicator is a j2ee application, which is running on JBoss server.

MNP Engine

MNPS Engine is the key component of MNPS. It implements the business logic, GUI and interfaces to the internal systems and it also handles complete process management. This is also a j2ee application running in JBoss application server. jBPM framework is used to manage the MNP process lifecycle.


GUI component of MNPS handles all the administration. By using this GUI the operator can handle all the necessary tasks like list all the running processes and their history, manipulate processes and their sub-processes, create new one, etc. There is also a calendar component, which supports setting of particular date and time, when number migration or data export to another internal system will be executed.

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