Lustration of CEO

“Lustrace CEO” program is available to the court executors, who do not plan to integrate this interface into their own information systems.

Program functions:

  1. Lustrace CEO using osobainfo command – based on their birth number
  2. Batch data processing – possibility to import birth number from clipboard, excel file or CVS filemožnost importu
  3. Data export for user – PDF, RTF, HTML
  4. Data export for machine processing – XML

Data output for machine processing has benefits compared to UniQue system data. It is valid over concrete XDS. Simultaneously contains original data received from UniQue system, including their metadata, in case that access to none “explicitly exposed” data is needed.

It’s possible to connect CEO system semi-automatically – run “lustrace” in Lustrace CEO Program and in IS of the bailiff’s office to implement an import function for application XML output.

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