EDM (Electronic document management) is a document management system for storing and managing documents in electronic form. The product also implements process management to define and control company processes. EDM merges these two functionalities and allows seamless composition of document and process management.

What EDM brings you in matter of document management?

  • simplicity and clarity
  • ease of document sharing
  • paperless office – your documents are stored in electronic form
  • secured access to documents anywhere using www interface
  • version control
  • access rights
  • easy backup of your documents

What EDM brings you in matter of process management?

  • flexible and open definition of your company processes
  • process completion checking
  • processes can be fully automated
  • reminders of important deadlines (e.g. by e-mail)
  • process history and auditing

Technical specification:

  • client-server architecture
  • server is built on workflow server Enhydra Shark
  • SQL database Firebird
  • two versions of client – desktop application and www interface

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