Data rating engine DARE was developed in co-operation with Hewlett-Packard for the needs of T-Mobile Czech Republic, but it can be used for other mobile phone operators. The solution is based on the products HP IUM 6.0 and Oracle Coherence 3.7.

Solution characteristics:

  • speed of up to 3.000 requests per second, can be further increased
  • HA reliable solution in a geographical cluster (one location damage e.g. deluge or wildfire won’t affect the solution’s functionality)
  • high scalability
  • intelligent change reconciliation on both locations

Solution components:

  • dispatcher – distribution of request on primary/back-up servers
  • session server – business logic for request processing
  • coherence nodes – distributed in-memory data storage, part of processing runs inside data space
  • berkeley db – persistent data storage, back-up

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