Artin Executor

The Artin Executor is a middle-sized information system that supports services for handling and running business processes in bailiff’s office’s.

The functionality of Executor covers the whole work of bailiff’s office:

  • Administration of papers and subjects concerned in distraint (evidence of particular papers, phone calls, detainers, address validation and existence of economical subjects)
  • Mail evidence – evidence of in-messages (scanned documents), generation of outgoing mail base on predefined templates, automated sending of electronically signed email documents etc.
  • Finance control – payment evidence, interests calculation, cost and award calculation, export/import to banking institutions
  • Support for automated document generation based on predefined templates
  • Communication with government institutions – ISIR, EVUP, UIR-ADR, ARES, CEE, CNB
  • Task management – support for task management among the users of the bailiff system
  • Asynchronous communication with VZP B2B gate using AS2 protocol

Application includes GIS (geographical information system) based on open-source technologies. It allows to automatically geocode addresses and following spatial localization of distraint and subjects using map server. Apart from parametric display data can, for example, be spatially selected or reports related to a given locality be generated, usable e.g. for planning of distraint route.


Executor IS is a 3-layer application written in Java programming language using sereral moderm Java frameworks. Database access is achieved using Hibernate persistent services. So the relation to particular RDMS is not strict and different database management systems can be used to store underlying data (Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL). The presentation layer is implemented using component oriented tool Apache Wicket and the whole application is held together using a Spring framework. Apache Tomcat serves as the servlet container.

S Executor can run on servers running different operating systems (MS Windows, Linux etc).

GIS technology:

  • extension of PostGIS for PostgreSQL database
  • abstract layer for access to area data is realized by Hibernate Spatial
  • map server GeoServer as a source of vector data accessible by WFS services
  • screening data from OpenStreetMap
  • JavaScript map interface OpenLayers for web display
  • Java GIS frameworks GeoTools and JTS

Artin has received a subsidy for ARTIN Executor product development  under the Operational Enterprise and Innovation Programme of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic within the project ICT and Strategic Services. The project was co-financed by the European Union. This support has enabled us to create a technologically advanced system that is a leading edge in the industry and involves a high degree of automation of bailiff’s office operation.

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