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  • Jan Najvárek / Executive manager
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We have completed a project whose goal was to set up a test environment. We have designed internal processes IS, a methodology of testing a test environment ensuring that each new IS version meets the requirements and expectations at the same time as eliminating the risks associated with its deployment when put into service.


A major manufacturer of security equipment for premises requiring a high level of protection (banks, museums, etc.). ARTIN for FIDES implemented several successful projects leading to very significant customer satisfaction. ARTIN participates particularly in the development of the monitoring and control system LATIS SQL, which is the FIDES flagship in terms of security technology.


With Asekol, a company that performs electro-waste ‘take-back’ and recycled product collection, we co-operate in the areas of software development and expertise. The company’s software solutions, we participated in the implementation which caters for complete support of the commercial processes of the company performing the take-back of waste, its collection for recycling, collection of fees for its disposal including the associated financial and logistical issues.


One of the leaders in the building industry focused on door and door-frame production. HSE is established on strong German capital, exporting its products all across Europe. ARTIN provides full cycle software development for this company.


A significant provider of media management and digital distribution services in the field of journalism, the media and the entertainment industries. A request to take over the internal systems for the distribution of videos and the online store. Also, picking out the previous supplier’s solutions along with the development of our own with notable success.


We have created an application that used the consultation Department of KPMG to collect data (hard skills, soft skills, certifications, etc.) via the IT departments of its customers.


We have created an enterprise application for the organising electronically generated tenders and dynamic competition. Our sophisticated logical purchasing and sales business meets the demanding requirements of this corporate sector.


The largest provider of photographs for schools. ARTIN have created and further expands the information system created specifically for this specialist customer.


We have implemented an internal virus encyclopaedia system. The processing of the virus information within the system is controlled by the use of a defined workflow. Following completion of the process, a comprehensive virus information bank is available for end users in multi-lingual form negating the need for costly translations.


A major player in the field of electronics production (over 100,000 employees worldwide) focused on connection elements within the automobile industry. ARTIN delivered customised software for the Czech affiliate of this company.


HotelNet Plus is a wholesaler in the field of tourism, specialising in both group and individual travel within Europe. They focus on B2B products offering extensive tours tailored for travel agencies. ARTIN created and ensures the trouble-free operation of the customer's Web site.

We work with our customers over the long term. We build on a partnership approach and always strive to do more than the customer expects.

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