Roboauto 2014

ARTIN launched a project, which goal is to create a new ICT solution for vehicle anticollision system.

ARTIN in cooperation with BUT is devoted to problematics of vehicle robotic driving for several years now. With course of sensor technology and recognition algorithms it’s possible to realize assistence systems with much more usability than common production systems.

Thanks to gained support (within ICT and strategic service administrated by Czechinvest agency) is possible to realize a transition from a small vehicle models to a real car and utilize gained knowledge and experiences in an area of real world road traffic. Obtained results would be possible to use not just in the domain of robotic driven cars, but also in other projects related to processing of images and informations from enviromental sensors. We believe, that robotics and artificial inteligence will be more and more part of an „usual“ IT solutions and we want to be prepared for this fact.