Indoor localization and navigation

In the modern age it is a necessity to localize outdoor as well as indoor items, for indoor locations the use of GPS is not possible

Technology such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Ultra-wideband (UWB) allows the localization of items indoor with an accuracy of 10-30 cm.

ARTIN co-operate with selected suppliers of hardware (Sewio, Infsoft and who are able to deliver complete packages including integration with business systems using software solutions. Possible applications:

  • Localization and tracking of devices or people within buildings along with area controls and monitoring of restricted entry areas
  • Localization and tracking of devices within hospitals
  • Localization of vehicles in large sales areas and forecourts for automobile dealers
  • Navigation of customers to their points of interest within shopping malls, providing information based on their location

ARTIN currently implements pilot projects for localization and monitoring of devices within hospitals.