• Jan Najvárek and Tomáš Ondráček
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Fortuna – Setting up of a test environment

The company operates the information system of the company Fortuna for the promotion of their business. The quality IS in its function, outages that affect the performance, availability, functionality and ease of use along with development, operation, maintenance and management IS linked to the necessity for efficient expenditure.

The default status

In connection with the operation, changes in infrastructure and the development and deployment of new versions of the quantity of risk has been added having previously not been covered. In practice the outages, malfunction, improper conduct, or failure to provide the required functions that caused financial losses and thus diminished the credibility with customers and ultimately reducing the cost removing the adverse effects.

Project objective

The motivation for completion of the project was to ensure that the new version IS met the requirements and expectations whilst eliminating the risks associated with the deployment of the new version IS when put into service.
The project path
We conducted a series of workshops and individual consultations aiming to become familiar with the environment IS and the process of development. We used ‘best practices’ based on our own practical experience, methodologies, and trusted best practices. We proposed the introduction of such elements that were relevant and beneficial for the environment within the company Fortuna. Implementation of the project took place in several stages. By dividing the phases we are continuously checking the results against the expected status. During creation we particularly emphasis on the practical use of outputs along with the active involvement of the customer’s workforce.

Critical success factors

Not only the progress of the project, but in particular the introduction of the proposed changes was a success due to the support of the company’s management, the active involvement of Fortuna and their responsible workforces.

Outputs of the project

• The general changes in the process of developing software and components
• Perform each step introducing the changes
• Staffing
• Architecture of the test environment from the perspective of SW and HW and the extent of the similarity to the production   environment
• Managing test data
• Recommendations on the introduction of the automated testing
• Preparation of the designed templates

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